Monster Trucks!

Orion and I went to see Mon­ster Jam tonight!  It all started when we were on our way to see the cir­cus the other day and  stopped at Sub­way for a pre show nib­ble.  While toss­ing our refuse in the can Orion spot­ted a mon­ster truck on a lit­tle tear away flyer, and we grabbed two.  The cir­cus tanked!  Orion and I both con­curred that the most inter­est­ing part was watch­ing the ani­mal rights pro­test­ers heckle the cir­cus goers as they cow­ered in shame, and then walked right into the show like we did. Sure you can sit for 10 min­utes while a drugged up tiger walks to the tune of The Pink Pan­ther, but for cry­ing out loud I would rather watch them sleep at the zoo.  The cir­cus itself was no fun but Orion and I had a great time going out and doing some­thing together even if all we had was bore­dom to bond over.  After all, bond­ing over bore­dom has been one of my strat­a­gem for gen­er­at­ing friend­ships for many a year.

Monster Trucks

Mon­ster Trucks Square off

This mon­ster truck rally was a first for both Orion and I; per­haps not the pin­na­cle of Sport, it might not kick your mind into next Wednes­day, but as far as opi­ates for masses go it works for me.  It is truly, the floor of the arena.  I had heard of Grave Dig­ger before, now I can put a face to a name.  Watch­ing those trucks bounce around really gave us a lift, the crashes, ha, well that was like watch­ing a cat with tin foil on its feet, or a dog that had just man­aged to get ahold of a peanut but­ter jar.  But, mon dieu, the jumps and the near escapes from becom­ing a bee­tle on its back, the crazy flip thing.  Ahh, these peo­ple know how to enter­tain!  Orion and I almost left after the ini­tial races, but some­times you have take the tiller and turn hard, make a choice, we chose to stay.  Cripes what luck, we would have missed freestyle if we had left!


Ill say I was moved, maybe not like Robert Jor­dan in For Whom The Bell Tolls with his Maria, but defi­antly moved.  Now when the bell tolls, Oh frak — if it really is for me, but if I am at a mon­ster truck rally, its Grave Dig­ger time baby! And If Pilar could see it today I think she would liken it to a bull fight.




New Dog!

After think­ing it over and look­ing around for a few weeks we found a dog. Tucker is a lit­tle cat­tle dog with brown ears and black spots. We adopted him this after­noon after being thor­oughly inves­ti­gated. Judg­ing by his liq­uid #2’s I would say his first few hours here have been a bit nerve wrack­ing. Some good time lay­ing on his new momma calmed him right down.



Carrie’s Show at the cafe.

Car­rie had her first show in a while at a cafe here in Min­neapo­lis.   It was fun to get out and see her sing again.

Carrie playing  a song at the cafe

Car­rie play­ing a song at the cafe

I watched most of the show through the win­dow while Orion played with his friends out­side.  It was a solid 90 degree, muggy evening but that did not slow the kids down.

Orion and friends

Orion and friends



Orion’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Orion Sleeping


We started out with a typ­i­cal morn­ing, Orion slept good, though he did have a low grade fever through the night after get­ting his immu­niza­tions updated the day before.  He woke up cherry as and excited, look­ing for­ward to get­ting out into the pub­lic sphere.

Orion eating breakfast


Break­fast was good; some waf­fles, banana, milk, vit­a­mins and some egg.  He ate some of each, but not all.  I explained to him that in school he can’t just yell, “DAD!  Make me a sand­wich!”, when he gets hun­gry.  He ate a few more bites to put me at ease.


Carrie’s Look explains it all

I think that is about when it hit us that our big boy was headed to school and we are all off to a new stage of life and adven­ture.  Carrie’s look really cap­tures the appre­hen­sion of the moment.  She pho­tographs way bet­ter than I do.

Dressed for School

Dressed for school

After get­ting dressed, we had a photo op.  It is going to be  a warm day here in Min­neapo­lis and so shorts were the ticket.  After get­ting dressed, I made a cof­fee run for Car­rie and I and Orion chilled in the back yard singing to the birds.

Orion at school

Orion at school

We parked the car and made our approach, stop­ping at the door for another photo op.  We got there a bit early so we had a chance to hang around out­side of Orion’s class for a few min­utes before the final shove off.

Orion in his class

Orion in his class

We parked his back­pack and lunch in his cubby and found his seat.  He is pretty lucky; he sits right next to Amelia, a for­mer class­mate of his from the Wal­dorf pre-k.  He was happy when we left him, and I think he is really going to enjoy school and is ready to be mix­ing with his peers as opposed to hang­ing out at home with dad.  As he said in the car, “I am glad to be out of the house!”.





kid doing karate


kid doing karate

Orion in his fight­ing pose.

Recently we moved to a new neigh­bor­hood in Min­neapo­lis and after pass­ing a Karate Stu­dio a few times I made a call to see how to enroll Orion.  It was pretty easy; a quick intro les­son, get a uni­form and start show­ing up to class.  On most days Orion has a good time and it is pretty cool when he gets a new stripe on his belt.  I have to watch out when he starts swing­ing at home, as he is start­ing to put his hips into his punches.

Orion practicing Karate.

Orion doing his back­hand smack